We’re a creatively driven independent studio focussed on creating and producing innovative, entertaining and meaningful content for kids throughout the world.

We’re known and respected throughout our industry as a studio that consistently produces quality work with heart. We’ve won over 50 international awards for our work including two EMMY® nominations, the BAFTA Independent Children’s Production Company of the Year, the Prix Jeunesse, three IFTAs and a host of other awards, both for our work and also for our business achievements.  We are wholly owned and independent.

For the last 11 years, Sixteen South has grown from an idea in the head of our founder and Creative Director, Colin Williams to a studio that currently employs over 100 brilliantly talented people and a solid management team in a four storey studio in downtown Belfast.  11 years on, we have created and produced 400 episodes of 8 hit kids shows, half of which are our own creations.

We impatiently believe in more.


Sixteen South is focussed on the creation and production of the highest quality television with heart for kids in every country across the world.  Our shows are among the highest rating on all the major television networks and SVODs - you can see our work on Disney, PBS, Hulu, Nickelodeon, Netflix as well as on public broadcasters in most countries across the world.

We have an unquenchable thirst to do more and have a very busy development department, creating and co-developing a slate of 2D, 3D, puppet, stop motion and live action ideas.

Kids love watching our shows.  Claude, our new Disney Junior show which airs every day in every country across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australia is currently the channel’s #1 rating show in Australia and their #2 rating show in UK.  Pinkalicious and Peteriffic, our co-production with WGBH airs every day on PBS kids, the biggest kids channel in the US where it is currently the #3 top rating show. And when WildWoods launched on ABC in Australia earlier in the year, it was the #1 watched kids show across all kids in Australia!  Lily’s Driftwood Bay, our groundbreaking mixed media animated series currently airs in 125 territories across the world.


From concept through to delivery, Sixteen South is a self contained studio, and we look after every element of our productions with care.  We have departments dedicated to development, legal and business affairs, distribution and licensing, finance, technology, three animation studios and a post production department including sound recording and mixing suites, 6 offline suites, 2 online suites and full QC and fulfilment.

We are a creative business and we are equally focussed on both parts, the creative and the business.  While we continue to win many of the best awards for our work, we are also focussed on continuing to build an ethically and morally commercial studio with a long life.

We recently set up Sixteen South Rights, our new commercial arm to manage the global distribution and licensing of our shows in-house.


Sixteen South was founded in 2007 by Colin Williams, growing from a restless spirit of determination, with the belief that anything is possible and the refusal to ever take ‘no’ for an answer.  Although being repeatedly told not to try to make television for children in Belfast because it’s ‘not what we do here’, 11 years later, Sixteen South is one of the UK and Ireland’s largest, busiest and most successful creators and producers of television for children.

Born and bred in Belfast, Colin graduated from the University of Ulster with a first class honours degree in Design, winning the Institute of Designers national award for the best Irish design graduate, recognising outstanding creativity and imagination.

Colin spent the first seven years of his career working in advertising and interactive media, becoming one of Ireland’s youngest Creative Directors by the age of 27.  In 2002, he formed ‘Inferno’, a commercial production company producing the highest quality animation, film and interactive content for museums, commercials and promos which grew to become the largest commercial producer in Northern Ireland, winning national awards for clients including Coca-Cola, Nokia, British Gas, Aer Lingus, Sugar Puffs, BBC and Disney.

With the recession looming, Colin grew exasperated with producing work that had little positive impact on the world around him and with a young family, wanted to use his talents for good to tell stories of hope and positivity.

Colin is a Visiting Professor at Ulster University, has attended a reception with HM The Queen in Buckingham Palace in recognition of his contribution to Design in Northern Ireland and is a TEDx speaker.