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Sesame Tree is our new version of Sesame Street for children across the UK.
A co-production with our friends and partners at Sesame Workshop,
Sesame Tree teaches mutual respect and appreciation of difference while having lots of fun!

Sesame Tree is aimed at young children and features strong curriculum and educational content as well as entertaining and engaging storytelling through a mix of traditional Muppet interaction and live action films.

It features our new family of muppets - Potto the purple monster, Hilda the hare, Archie the red squirrel, Claribelle the red bird, Samson & Goliath the bookworms and the Weatherberries who all live inside the Sesame Tree - a magical question tree.

The 14 minute show includes live action mini-documentary films which look at life through the eyes of a 3-6 year old and classic clips from Sesame Street.
Potto's Movie Mania (14')

Potto is directing a new adventure movie, helped out by his pals in the Sesame Tree. But he creates all sorts of problems when he won't listen to the ideas of his cast and crew.
CBeebies on-air promo (30")

Original on-air promo to promote our first season of Sesame Tree

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We were thrilled to have Oscar the Grouch join us for our season finale - along with his puppeteer, Caroll Spinney, who has been performing him since 1969.

Sesame Tree is broadcast on CBeebies, where on it's first run enjoyed phenomenal ratings - and the Sesame Tree website recorded 2.6 million WPI in a four week period alone.  The show has already won many awards including two Cine Golden Eagles and two Gold Hugo television awards.

Sesame Tree was created, written and produced by SixteenSouth in Northern Ireland in co-production with Sesame Workshop.

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Season One - 20 x 14' - first broadcast on CBeebies 2008
Season Two - 20 x 14' - f
irst broadcast on CBeebies 2010


Gold Plaque - Hugo Television Awards, Chicago - 2011
Cine Golden Eagle - 2011
Winner - Hugo Television Awards, Chicago - 2010
Cine Golden Eagle - 2010

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