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Big City Park is our landmark outdoors show for CBeebies. Co-produced with our friends at BBC Scotland, the live action and puppet show aims to get children outside and rediscover the awe and wonder of nature. It's an outdoors show that's really filmed outdoors!

Big City Park celebrates being outdoors. It's a green oasis in the heart of every town and city across the country - a place to close your eyes and listen; to shout and sing; laugh and have space to let your imagination run free. A place just down the street, where you can feel a million miles away from everything...

The show features Billy the badger, Dara the fox and their ageless friend, Ruairi who live in the park - and along with their human friend, May the park keeper, they welcome four new explorers to the park in every episode. Together, they show our friends at home just how much fun they too can have outdoors - there’s so much to see and do - games to play, stories to tell and things to make, and all they need to bring is their imagination. Oh, and maybe some wellies depending on the weather!

Ruairi's little friend (14')

May the park keeper and Billy the badger hear a strange sound in the park - it’s Ruairi, gasping in fright at a… teeny tiny spider in his vegetable patch. The friends decide to go on a treasure hunt for other creepy-crawlies to show Ruairi that there really is nothing to be afraid of from these tiny creatures.
Season highlights (3'39)

Highlights from the first season of Big City Park

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Big City Park is a funny and cheerful show that encourages our nation’s children to see their local parks and open spaces in a new light. It was shot in Ormeau Park, Belfast on tapeless HD.

It was CBeebies’ featured show for August 2010 and rated very highly with over 24% of the audience. It peaked with an audience share of 341,000 on 20 August with an average of 244,000 across the series. It was the second most watched show in its slot on CBeebies during August 2010 and the first show attracted 19,000 viewers on iPlayer alone.

Big City Park is an original property, created written and produced by SixteenSouth in co-production with BBC Scotland.

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26 x 14' -
first broadcast on CBeebies 2010


BAFTA Scotland for Best Children's Series - 2011
IFTA for Best Youth/Children's programme, Ireland - 2011
Silver Plaque - Hugo Television Awards, Chicago - 2011
Cine Golden Eagle - 2011
Commended - Celtic Media Festival - 2011

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