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Have you met Claude?
Here he is now. Hello, Claude!

Claude is a small, plump dog who wears shoes and a jumper and a rather nifty beret.

Claude lives with Mr and Mrs Shinyshoes… and his best pal in the whole world – Sir Bobblysock.

Sir Bobblysock is both a sock and quite bobbly.

Every day, after Mr and Mrs Shinyshoes have hotfooted it out of the door to work, Claude pops on his beret and goes on an adventure with Sir Bobblysock.

Based on the hugely successful series of children’s books by Alex T. Smith, Claude is a charming and, above all, funny new animated preschool series with a hero that everybody will love.

52 x 11' animated stories, for boys and girls
aged 4-6.

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